Monday, November 14, 2011

SCENES FROM THE DROOL CLOSET - Some of my prized possessions

Please enjoy these images ,of collectible crap,and some of my prized possessions.Come walk thru the Drool Closet with me ,and peruse some of the junk that clogs up my record shelves.

A 6-pack of Buzz Cola ,from Springfield's Maxi Mart (Thanks,Apu!)

Now I can be just like my hero ,MacCauley Culkin!

Guinness underwear can bank,Flaming Moe,Jones Candy Corn soda,Duff Beer,Halo 3 Moutain Dew,Musical Coke bank

This Sucks Change It ! book with remote control!

Totally Mad box set ,every issue of Mad and Toilet paper!

the back of Mad

the discs

R2-D2 and C-3Po lunchbox with thermos

early bird certificate package

in leiu of the certificate

Robert Crumb art on chocolate bar box
inside box

side view
back of box .the chocolate bar said,"Eat Me" imprinted on the bar.

Dr. Krinkles plush doll

Motley Crue painted mirror from the county fair,circa mid-80's

star wars Pez collection

star wars burger king watches

flip side of watch cans

bag shows watches

flip of bag

Paul Stanley ,of KISS ,wrestling figure from the dollar store bootleg

bootleg? Capt. America pez knock-off

drac bike launchable vehichle matchbox/mattel

neck wrecker

ghoul bus


Dwarves t-shirt from Blag's private collection ,signed by whole band

Autographed by the man himself!

Chickenhead t-shirt from Emil Four-and-a-half finger

back of shirt with sewed on patch all handmade and printed

Sockey singles straight from Food's private collection

Breathilizor/Doktor Bitch split 12"

Breathilizor/Brody's Militia split 7"


Lettuce Vultures/XBrainiaX split 7"


The Wheelchair 5oo , 3 disc set

Crystal Head vodka

Mr.Bill bendable

Beatles watch


guitar watch in case

Simpsons fruit chews and Frosted Krusty-o's

simpsons 7-11 squishee cups

original walk among us signed by jerry and doyle

close-up autographs

mad magazine board game

the board

instructions,money pieces,cards

back of box

I hope you enjoyed that little trip. I have tons more stuff you might see in the next installment of ,"Scenes From The Drool Closet" !!!! Please leave comments in box below!!! Thank you