Sunday, August 26, 2012


TPOS was originally started by Malcolm Tent in Florida in 1984 as a vehicle for the release of the debut record by his band Broken Talent.
TPOS then re-located itself to Danbury, in CT and operated from the record & clothes store "Trash American Style" located in Mill Plain Road, Danbury, CT (USA). Sadly, in February 2007, despicable and underhand behavior by the lease holders resulted in the premature closure of one of the most unique and original stores in New England (another proper music store gone).
Malcolm Tent now operates Trash American Style as an online store and also has stalls at shows, record fairs and college meets. TPOS still releases the occasional CDr.  He is an underground legend,who still waves the flag of anarchy and punk ,even today!

This is a sampler cassette of music that Malcolm sold on his TPOS label.He recently (7/27/2012) played a show at Pat's In The Flats ,in Ohio ,with Boy In Love ,Kill The Hippies ,Nut Screamer ,and more!(See Malcolm in action in the video below,covering Flipper's ,"Way Of The World", acoustically!) Lots of punk rock ,underground ,cult rapture ,spoken word and more is on this weirdo tape.If you want to order anything on here ,get in touch with Malcolm ,he can tell you more!