Friday, September 20, 2013

OLD FLORIDA part of my ongoing future coffee table book!!

I took these photos of old Florida,the stuff all the tourists miss.they come here for Mickey ,the theme parks,the beaches,but miss out on the great back roads and weirdness of old Florida! all photos by me!


                                       okay ,so these are dvd's! but they are zombie dvd's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Zitsquatch,I mean,Bigfoot throwing a biker ,still on his bike! and some assorted monsters!
 some great classics ,here! plus the Zacherley compilation of clips,and the Saturday Night Shockers comp!!
                                       some of my faves! Ed Wood ,sonambulists,evil dead!

                      I like cartoons and kids shows they appeal to my mentality
                                                      some of my Godzilla collection!
             I picked up tons of surf and skate vids from going out of business video rental joints for cheap!
                                                   and yet more!
           Dolemite double feature! Times Square ,real punk,yeah! some oldies!
                                                bikers,gay jail story,siamese twins,dogs with rat suits,cheesy vampires
   some Ed Wood classics ,some comedy spoofs,siamese twins ,hollywood!
           obscure teen flicks ,the Alice Cooper band is in "Diary of a Mad Housewife" ,an old one ,The Stuff!!
 felix,davey & goliath,pee wee's xmas,Beavis & butthead,a couple groovie ghoulies
 girl wrestling with rock bands playing,P.E. live!,50's,skater opera,punk vacation?!!,horror previews
                                          more surf and skate
                                                          old ,weird,scary ,strange
                            elvira and some drive-in classics and karen black's finest moment with the zuni doll!!
 Godzilla 1954,courageous cat and minute mouse,hair bear bunch,the hobbit,rude dog
 pee wee the original comedy show-pre-kids show,a saturday morning episode & l'il abner
 some more dvd's nice b&w casper ,wizards and classic gumby episodes
                                 the underdog and friends collection ,whoopy doopy!!
 der todesking ,a bucket of blood,children shouldn't play with dead things ,george romero and killers
 more elvira ,drive-in futurist flick,zombies,slime people,japanese body snatchers
                                             cheech & chong,monty python and spinal tap
 soupy sales(with alice cooper!)a bunch of comedy spoofs of tv,movies and scrooge
                                                       these vids are some real gems!!
 danzig,metal chicks,decline part one,i.r.s. videos ,heavy petting
 vernon,florida,gangs,drag queens,women in prison,ghosts ,and hubert selby jr.
                                        nudity ,adult stuff,nsfw ,old and newer ,soft porn
                                                                    more risque stuff
                          the best ever aerobics videos,they serve more than one purpose!!
 a trio of madonna vids,the first one is her earliest work,before even singing ,and shows boobs!!!
                                              some real good ones ,right there!! okahye!!
                         film house fever is swell as are the rest of these,me widdle droogies!!
                                                         classic psychotronic stuff here!
                                           these are cool,weird,neato drink the milk,Jimmy!
 punk comp,napalm death live,metal,industrial comp,madonna justify banned
 john candy,snl,rudy ray moore,more cheech & chong,and tunnelvision!!!
 casper,alley oop,animal farm a vs. c,little mermaid with original penis cover,old felix,baby huey,duh!
                                                                        punk classics
                                              some more adult stuff with fritz and tits
                                               yet more casper,woody,bugs,mice,stooges
 classics,weirdness,junkie jazz and drive-in
 fellini,marilyn,linda,more fellini,W.I.P., the apple ,future NY is a disco!
 mad max double feature,hells angels,wild rebels,wild one,leather boys
                                                   hippies ,punks ,and blaxploitation
 W.I.P., nazi zombies,ape men ,and the eerie midnight horror show!!
  some sick ones ,and a prostitute melodrama
 some more sickies and some classics!! man dementia 13 is the shit!!
                                                          Dick tracy collection
                           some more pee wee
                                                     weird cartoon comps and top cat!!
 larry bud melman ,fritz and jack and the beanstalk abbot and costello
                                                     a trio of Betty Page flicks
 skate vids ,the center one with leif garrett!! the 3rd one is total amateur grommets!
finally the Beavis and butthead collection of dvd's and the xmas video!!