Sunday, May 26, 2013

FLYERS! FLYERS! FLYERS! from the state of FLORIDA!! including Ft.Myers,Miami,Tampa,Orlando,Sarasota,Naples!!

                                               before anyone knew him (Marilyn Manson & the spooky kids)

                                              found on the streets of Miami
                                 R.I.P. Paul Deritis wish I had been at this show!
                                   really? Leon Redbone? in Lee County?
                                      like,3 people showed up for this ,a travesty!!
                                           oh,God! did this place ever suck!!
  i was supposed to sing for Use Of Force but.....
       ...  the bass player was running sound at this show on the same night!
         One Fell Swoop's 2nd to last show at the Corkscrew Ranch (next day was final show at Serenas)

    art by Steve Reed ,  Whoreshack played and another band ,Vance drummed for all 3 bands that night!
  see the front of this flyer below somewhere's almost ripping off the Sluggisha cat logo!! I was not involved!
                                   Ft. Myers? really? cool!
                           Space Ace in Naples (Ralph got his Batman hat signed by The Man!!)

                           Assuck a premier band from the Tampa Bay area!!
  this address is probably long out of date!
                        Mistress? more like Hag!!
      swiped this when Myopia played the Hardback in Gainesville!
 I was at this show,so were a bunch of nazis who attempted to fuck it up during D.R.I.'s set!

    this must've been one hell of a show!!!
          Is Divided we Stand The band with Byron and Sean Fleck? or another group named the same?
                       looks like the Punisher logo as drawn by a 4th grader!
                                                        that's naughty!

trying to appropriate the Sluggisha cat head logo ,tsk..tsk!!!