Monday, July 30, 2012


To celebrate the re-upping of everything on this here MEDIACHRIST blogspot ,I've uploaded issue #2 of the seminal Ft.Myers underground zine ,Rodent Cake! And there is a wealth of great stuff inside! Almost 5 years in the making! Since there is no index page ,I will give you the rundown on this 44 page monstrosity!
There are reviews of books and zines, reviews of 7",10",12" ,LPs ,CDs,and cassettes,The Video Christ's Vault section, reviews great B movies,the Rodent Cake staff (Ed,Joel,Vance,Billy,Tony,Mimi,& Philbert Ze Chocolat Clown) thoroughly trash a complete episode of MTV's "120 Minutes" ,commenting on each video played  ,with hilarious commentary,there is a restaraunt review (Bolero's Cuban),a fact sheet about the world around us, Sluggisha band ,"YID" reviews the porn movie ,"3 Men And A Biker Chick" and Anal Cunt's ,"Everyone Should Be Killed" simultaneously!, another Sluggisha band,Cat Machine does the same trick ,but this time the porno is ,"Girls U.S.A." ,and the two albums (2?) are Agent Orange ,"Real Live Sound" and The Bloody Stools (apparently a joke band consisting of Bon Jovi members...huh..huh..I said members) "Meet The Bloody Stools" ,the transcript of which reads like someone tripping and drunk wrote it up,which was probably the case!,an interview with Canadian punks ,Saint Judy,a road trip story about going to see Rollins on his spoken word tour,reviews of Sluggisha and Wheelchair Full Of Old Men related bands,a reprint of my interview with GG Allin from issue #1,The crown jewel of this issue is the cover story/interview with Food Fortunata of Sockeye and WCFOOM records ,which is totally bonkers and fucked!,great comic strips by Steve Reed ,an awesome full band interview with Massachussetts anarcho-punk giants August Spies,and a bunch of good classifieds and ads for records ,etc ,plus fantastic art by Food Fortunata,Tony Rizzo,Ed Wood,Philbert Ze Chocolat Clown,Ian Bigler,& Steve Reed ,plus guest revies from California,Canada,New Jersey ,and more! I will be posting more frequently here ,as I also keep the webstore going ( )
working on my many bands,and solo projects,selling on ebay,podcasting new W.G.O.D. radio shows,and re-upping the entire Sluggisha blogspot,little by little.Plus working ,drinking,and all that stuff there! Hope you enjoy this great achievement of a zine!