Saturday, April 29, 2017


Yes this is some more of my collectible stuff,at least to me.
                                        Apu and me
                             Kenny's head dwarfs the Death Star
                                 Beatnik Bandit - Ed Big Daddy Roth
                            me in my Watto mask
                                Cartman vs. King Kong
                        Spiderman and Star Wars Slurpee cups with lids
                            Harveytoons and Disney lunchboxes
               I want the real thing!
              Star Wars Slurpee cup and Burger King cup ,lid from another cup
                           White Hassle at the White Castle
                                Hershey's van box
                       The van inside the Hershey box
                               Grillz candy
 an unlikely foursome ,Beetle Bailey,Moe Howard,Thor.and a Ninja Turtle,EVERYBODY SALSA!!!
                             Chupa Chups collectible lollipop dispenser cans
                   classic refill cups from Universal Studios,Orlando,FL,in the early days

Lots more to come ,stay tuned!!!!