Sunday, July 31, 2011

RODENT CAKE - Issue #1

This is a zine that Joel,Chipmonk, and I put together,with help from many locals in the scene.There's a fine interview I did with GG Allin in here,with shittily photocopied photos,(as a bonus,I included great copies of the photos of GG,that I took!) ,tons of record reviews,video reviews,an article and editorial on Pee Wee ,when he was busted ,A great combo record(Flesheaters-Dragstrip Riot)/porno(Cherry Hustlers) review by Cat Machine members, and lots more fun stuff! We sold about a hundred of these rags,you got one? There's also a second issue with great interviews with Food and Sockeye, August Spies,a comic strip by Steve Reed but inspired by a Los Hymees song,and more.As well as an incomplete 3rd issue,which I may eventually cobble together and post up here! Anyway ,enjoy this read ,in PDF form ,and please comment and send in your stuff for me to post!! Thanks (p.s. see that handwriting on the cover that reads ,"Joel,what is this smut?" ? That was inscribed by Henry Rollins ,when Joel and I met him in Miami ,on a spoken word tour,and handed him a copy to read!!)

RUCKUS - Issue #3 "The Sickness"

While it's noted on the cover ,that this is "the official hate zine of Ft. Myers,FL",it's not hateful at all ,(not much,at least!) ,in fact it's downright funny! I can't tell you how many times ,I've laughed out loud ,reading the article ,"Some Turds,Sir?" , an expose' on different types of bowel movements. I don't know who was responsible for this,but I have a sneaking suspicion that my old pal Sean Sommers was somehow involved! I remeber several times at shows,Sean and his crew would be saying, "aw aw aw" ,between songs,and I see it's the byline for this issue's title ,(It'll make you say aw,aw,aw!!!).This is ,unfortunately ,the only issue I have of Ruckus. Do you have more? Do you have zines you would like to see posted on this blog? Send 'em in! Notify me in the comments box below! Thanks. In PDF format,for easy reading!

Friday, July 29, 2011

FOUND TAPE - Race Of Life-Genie In A Bottle

I was thriftin' today ,and I bought some blank cassettes,and this one had the label on it (race of life),and it has a little kid singing,"Genie In A Bottle" ,by Christina Aguilera. It's pretty funny,and I included some rare nudes of Christina in the zip ,as well.


I found all these in various places,mostly while thriftin' and also in the trash.If anyone notices themselves or people they know in these pics,and want them removed,let me know in comments!

a girl I don't know

a creepy old man I don't know

looks like his creepy son

family picnic (note target on tree in backround)

The dog has 3 balls

son of one of the old ladies ,below

rabid grannies

look at the vivid colors!

Grannies on the party beat!

some kid I don't know

looks like a festival of some sort, hey wait! is that the beer tent!!

out of hot dogs

the cops,the tent,the clapping

jack hanna with tiger cub

dork with bird

tiger lady,poster

3 stooges I don't know

the middle guy fell asleep while smiling

the boat is coming in

looks nice when it's 95 here in FL

houses I've never been in

2 bean burritos

pass the salsa

small kindergarten class

football game I wasn't at,people on the beach that I don't know

a big bag of SHIT!!

i hope you got me whiskey and smokes!!

some kid I don't know

same kid,looks like there's a load waiting at the back door

hurricane damage?

foxy lady

goofy baby I don't know

different baby I don't know

birthday cake I didn't eat

i crush your head!

scenes from the tard party

i don't think you guys are supposed to be drinking

leroy says ,"Huh? dat bass player be jammin!

hello,i'll be your maitre de tonite!

mentally handicapped dance party!

shake your posteriors!

i don't know this crazy looking girl

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here's some show flyers from the 90's, from the Tampa/St. Pete & Miami areas of Florida! If you have any flyers,zines,art , music or anything else you would like to send in for me to post,let me know in the comments box!