Sunday, June 8, 2014

New stuff I got to read,listen to ,look at ,from the mail,thrifting,trades,shopping.

I recently collected all of these items while shopping,thrifting,going to shows,trades,thru the mail etc.
 blackberries from my backyard bush. I will make wine when i gather a gallon or so
                               more black metal scribes
                                    great read ,here
                          a cool history of satanism ,from the beginning till now!
                                                 an old one ,12 cents! High Above N'Yark!
                                             whoa! another oldie
                                                 2 rocks son of stoned
                                                  danzig's comics
                                                          number zero
                                          good ol' archie
                                                   brinke stevens,contains nudity!
                                               a ren and stimpy I was missing from my collection
                                     a beavis and butthead I was missing
                                             a great skateboard history
                    The 4Sids 1st 7" single.Christian "Ashey" MacDonald on bass
                                 Food and Poopy's black metal goodness split with Thrillkillers
                               7" compilation from Obvious records up in Jake's neck of the woods
                                   the Lorsson side of the split
                              with Food and Poopy again and Snatch sing
             Food and Poopy again ,with the greatest band of all time
                         the #1 band in the world again,with an xmas record                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                              the original release of the 2 Fossil Fuel albums,in a black bag silkscreened cover
    neat cassette comp from Sean's label ,You're not Normal records w/Frank,Sean,Dylan,and Dan
 a bunch of stuff from Nipples label in Canada ,Hairy Scary Nipples,home of Chachi On Acid
  and also that one with the kitten on the cover is the new Lettuce Vultures ,Food ,
Wheelchair full of Old Men Records
                                                more slop from Hairy Scary Nipples
                        and a Godzilla flick ,with 2 bonus movies ,for $1 at the dollar store!