Thursday, January 12, 2012

BETTY PAGE - Issue #2 - Punk Comix

Published by Dirk Vermin and Fetish Press in 1994 ,in Las Vegas. Issue #1 is on this blog as well ,but this one may be even better! A fantasy starring Betty with various big-name punkers,in great illustrations. Only 1000 printed ,so it is a rarity. I have a bunch more Betty page comics,zines,books,video and more. Ask for it and I shall reveal all! In glorious pdf format!

Friday, January 6, 2012

EAR OF CORN - Issue # 6

Food is back with issue #6 ,July 1989, of his omnipotent zine ,Ear Of Corn.Interviews with ,Rednecks In Pain,Bloody Mary ,Insect Fear ,Alice Donut ,The A.G.'s,Funny Wagon,and Psycho Sin.The usual reviews of then current music offerings ,Food's crazy art ,weird comic strips ,tardcore stylings all about!This is a great read ,collect 'em all!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKA FLYERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some ska flyers from my vast collection of flyers ,mostly in the Tampa or Ft. Myers areas of Florida ,and one from Georgia.Please comment if you want to see more!