Sunday, September 18, 2011

BLACK NERD - fanzine

As promised ,here is the underground fanzine ,about the underground band ,done by an unknown fan ,in a ltd edition of 13(!) copies.Crudely drawn,(and copied), depictions of basic human functions ,and some stuff you probably will wish you had never seen. You can't burn these images out of your eyes and brain ,once you see them. I've given you fair warning! I think ,judging by the art and subject matter ,this was published by Mad Asshole ,who later spun this off into Mad Asshole Digest ,of which I have all the issues ever published! Kinda like a very amateur version of what Mike Diana was doing at the time!
This is the one and only issue of this zine ,which was mainly for the band Black Nerd ,and their closest friends in the FTM circle.Their music can be found on SLUGGISHA!


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