Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GOREHOUND - Horror Punk Zine + Compilation Disc

This is issue one of Gorehound zine ,put out by Destro Von Doom, out of Virginia ,who had a band at the time ,"The Von Dooms". I could not locate any of their releases online ,if anyone has a rip or link ,please pass it on to me! The zine has an interview with ,Jackson Phibes,(Tomb), of the bands ,Color Me Psycho , Forbidden Dimension ,and under his own name ,solo .And an interview with Drew Bluud,of the In The Graveyard radio show on 91.9 WNTI in Pennsylvania,plus an interview with Judy Evers of Chaos Comics. There are also reviews of horror movies,horror rock bands,top ten lists,and a sizeable discography of all the Jackson Phibes/Color Me Psycho/Forbidden Dimension stuff. The compilation I assembled ,features bands that are discussed in the zine ,and I tried to find at least one track from every band mentioned ,but a lot of these bands are so far underground ,and/or never released anything,or no one has ever posted them. There are classic tunes you've probably heard before,and some you may never have heard!  Enjoy ,and have a happy Halloween!!!!