Monday, August 1, 2011

FOUND TAPE - FAUX DJ- 11/30/1987 - Missouri

I found this tape years ago in a thrift store.The guy on here is in his parents basement in Missouri ,doing a radio show/audio letter ,to a pal of his ,who I believe was in Florida at the time. He says the date several times ,Nov.30 ,1987,and I think he says his name is Mark Iman? Anyways ,he was fishing for a career as a sports caster ,so there is talk of that,as well as some sports scores.He plays music from 1967,mostly Beatles ,but he kicks in some Doors and Monkees,as well as snippets of "20 Years Ago Today" ,a BBC documentary. He talks about beer of the month at Dunderbak's ,eating at Charlie's in St. Charles, his parents going on vacation to Barbados, a girl he had a one-nighter with ,and other junk. This guy is a dork! I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole tape of an unknown guy ,just talking,and playing a little music! Pretty good find!


mrpoopy said...

I always wondered what those NPR commentators sounded like when they were young.

Anonymous said...

Thx Poopy! Yeah this fucker is somethin' else ,right? I wish I could find more stuff like this ,but the thrift stores sift this kinda shit out now ,I guess?
--G O D

L.C.R. said...

Says it's deleted :( Do you have a working link?

Anonymous said...

Link Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why would mediafire delete such tripe?
Well,who cares,it's back up now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks --G O D

Anonymous said...

hEY ALSO LCR could you be a follower on my blogs please!! thanks --G O D