Saturday, August 13, 2011

HAWAIIAN WAR CHANTS - Presented by Sluggisha's Thrift Store series

This is from an off-shoot of "Sluggisha's Thrift Store" series ,The Tropical Dry Heaves Collection ,from whence this compilation is derived. If you are looking for the weirdest ,wacky ,way-out ,best of thrift store incredibly strange musics ,check out the Sluggisha's Thrift Store comps. at my other blog! This started out as a tape of 35 versions. Then I heard about a radio station that had played 70 versions back in 1989 ,New York (see pic above) ,so I decided to go ahead and double my previous collection ,and I do believe there are versions on here that they didn't play , and probably some that I didn't put on this compilation. I'm sure there are dozens more versions out there ,but for now ,check this out. I would recommend you play this at your Memorial Day cook-out , to clear out the lame-o's. This collection goes hand-in-hand with a collection from WFMU , 61 versions of another chestnut ,"Tico Tico" (get it here: )
One of my many bands , Crapola , does the most de-volved version of Hawaiian War Chant on here , and there are rarities galore such as The Muppets version , DJ First Claas , The Pineapple Ranch Hands , and more ,as well as better-known artists such as The Ventures , Ella Fitzgerald , Spike Jones ,and lots more. If I repeated a track or two ,sorry ,just pour another Zombie ,and chill with this brain curdler! For further history of the song (which has nothing to do with war,but instead love!) check this out:
When you're done hearing this turd , you could even go ahead and print out the diploma above, (suitable for framing) ,and put your name in the blank ,and display it proudly (after making a few changes ,like adding Sluggisha and Media Christ's names on there as the source!!)

And for my amazingly dumb compilation of this tropical dry heave

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