Saturday, December 24, 2011


Check out just some of the cookies I baked and decorated this xmas!

down the table

xmas fishes

stray reindeer

red choo-choo

blue choo-choo

scottish terrier

santa claus is a black man

gingerbread boy

dasher,dancer,prancer,and vixen

bells are ringing

baby christ


made with the shroud of turin effect,decorated one,pressed to the other

a coupla snow bums

another red choo-choo


santa claus is ripped!

after a night of cookies and milk x 3 billion!!

I also made chocolate chip,almond crescents,M&M cookies,oatmeal apricot,peanut butter with Hershey's kiss on top ,and caramel corn! Merry xmas!!


kaagootaabaa said...

damn dude!! im hungry as hell now haha.

clobbersaurus said...

Red Choo-Choo looks like it ran away from a GWAR show.

clobbersaurus said...

oops I should have said (another) red choo-choo looks like it ran away from a Gwar show, but hey!!!!! It's just a huge cookie wonderland anyways..friggen awesome!

mtlhardcore said...

I can only imagine what cookies "Food" made...

Oven Mitts,
Alan Funt,
perhaps a Squirrel or two,

all made with Soilent Green Chocolate.

Happy Holidays!
Nice work on the cookies G O D!

Jake said...

Very awesome, my friend.

Hungry Hippo said...

Could you please re-up these as well? I'm starving.