Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ZATH - Zipcodes Are Tattooed Hairnets - Alternate Lyrics and Vocals

This is the original vocal tracks ,from when Food sent me the music to sing on for the latest ZATH album. I was twisted on 4 martinis ,and blurted out this tardcore mess-terpiece ,no written words,just train of thought.The last 3 tracks are bonuses , 2 music tracks that I already sang on ,but forgot ,and sang even more different lyrics ,and the last track is a remix of ,"Car Race In My Underwear" from the actual released album.Food does no singing here ,just music. I do all vocals and words. Go get the full length over at my other blog,"SLUGGISHA'S VAULT"! Food did the artwork ,which I reversed for this alternate version of the songs.Check out the rest of my stuff on as well ,for more pop-out players ,and more alternate ZATH tracks!!

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