Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Degenerate ,juvenile ,disgusting ,ink-and-pen depictions ,of the most vile visions ever set on paper ,besides the (high-brow ,compared to this slop!) art of geniuses like Mike Diana ,GG Allin , and Food Fortunata. Done in whole by Mad Asshole ,singer/bassist of the terror-rock group ,"Fuck"(you can go over to Sluggisha blogspot ,and download all their music for free!!) ,and general ,all-around freak. The cartoon/zine started life as "Black Nerd" zine, (the lone issue of which can be found somewhere on this blog!) ,until the band ,Black Nerd (who took their name from the zine!) ,started playing gigs ,and requested of Mad Asshole to change the zines name,(and in a strange and ironic twist ,the guitarist and drummer of Black Nerd ,later became the other 2/3 rds of the band Fuck ,with Mad Asshole!!).There are a few more issues ,where-in our hero is joined by others ,the art gets better ,and the drawings get sicker! There are even xeroxed photos of gross things in the later issues. This first issue is from sometime around mid-1992.Food reviewed a couple of these in his own zine ,Ear Of Corn ,and he rather enjoyed them ,to say the least. Hopelessly rare ,printed in an edition of 13.Now in glorious PDF format ,for your distasteful urges.

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