Sunday, July 31, 2011

RODENT CAKE - Issue #1

This is a zine that Joel,Chipmonk, and I put together,with help from many locals in the scene.There's a fine interview I did with GG Allin in here,with shittily photocopied photos,(as a bonus,I included great copies of the photos of GG,that I took!) ,tons of record reviews,video reviews,an article and editorial on Pee Wee ,when he was busted ,A great combo record(Flesheaters-Dragstrip Riot)/porno(Cherry Hustlers) review by Cat Machine members, and lots more fun stuff! We sold about a hundred of these rags,you got one? There's also a second issue with great interviews with Food and Sockeye, August Spies,a comic strip by Steve Reed but inspired by a Los Hymees song,and more.As well as an incomplete 3rd issue,which I may eventually cobble together and post up here! Anyway ,enjoy this read ,in PDF form ,and please comment and send in your stuff for me to post!! Thanks (p.s. see that handwriting on the cover that reads ,"Joel,what is this smut?" ? That was inscribed by Henry Rollins ,when Joel and I met him in Miami ,on a spoken word tour,and handed him a copy to read!!)


Anonymous said...

Rodent cake in PDF format! fuckin' hilarious. i love it! that just brightened up my day. i'd totally blanked on the Rollins scribble tho i def remember the show. funny thing to write on it. he was channeling his inner "family man" no doubt. certainly sounds like mine(dad, that is). so yes this is a cool thing thanx ed......joel

Anonymous said...

Joel, thanks so much for the comment! I have tons more zines ,including others you took part in! Hope you enjoy the site! -Ed

kaagootaabaa said...

holy shit!