Friday, July 29, 2011


I found all these in various places,mostly while thriftin' and also in the trash.If anyone notices themselves or people they know in these pics,and want them removed,let me know in comments!

a girl I don't know

a creepy old man I don't know

looks like his creepy son

family picnic (note target on tree in backround)

The dog has 3 balls

son of one of the old ladies ,below

rabid grannies

look at the vivid colors!

Grannies on the party beat!

some kid I don't know

looks like a festival of some sort, hey wait! is that the beer tent!!

out of hot dogs

the cops,the tent,the clapping

jack hanna with tiger cub

dork with bird

tiger lady,poster

3 stooges I don't know

the middle guy fell asleep while smiling

the boat is coming in

looks nice when it's 95 here in FL

houses I've never been in

2 bean burritos

pass the salsa

small kindergarten class

football game I wasn't at,people on the beach that I don't know

a big bag of SHIT!!

i hope you got me whiskey and smokes!!

some kid I don't know

same kid,looks like there's a load waiting at the back door

hurricane damage?

foxy lady

goofy baby I don't know

different baby I don't know

birthday cake I didn't eat

i crush your head!

scenes from the tard party

i don't think you guys are supposed to be drinking

leroy says ,"Huh? dat bass player be jammin!

hello,i'll be your maitre de tonite!

mentally handicapped dance party!

shake your posteriors!

i don't know this crazy looking girl

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Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Can't tell what I found more funny, the thrift pics or your captions. I had to laff real hard anyway..!